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Your sales team are most effective when they are in front of clients, closing deals. We help many of the UK’s most successful sales teams by setting sales appointments so that they spend as much time as possible in meaningful sales meetings with qualified, interested, budget holding decision makers. We provide appointment setting service by using BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Need, Timescale) to ensure that every appointment lead to a potential sale. Every opportunity is quality checked using rigorous controls before release to you. Increased sales and higher levels of customer service give your company the edge over the competition and result in ongoing, sustainable growth of your business. What’s more, we send our clients’ call recordings with all sales appointments we generate, giving complete transparency. We also "close the loop", ensuring that structured feedback on each appointment from your team is used to coach and improve ours, producing ever better results.

Q2 serves Appointment Setting helps companies increase sales by cold calling, generating qualified sales leads, and setting qualified appointments. These qualified appointments, in turn, assist you in acquiring new clients. We specialize in producing results for appointment setting campaigns, as well as B2B lead generation programs. We work with you to create a quality, custom-designed campaign that produces results at affordable prices. Turning results into revenue.

Your customers are busy and so are you. With Q 2 Serves value-rich Appointment Setting Services, you can set up and manage easily-tracked client appointments with no errors.

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Q2's Outbound Appointment Setting Call center fully provides sales professionals, with market intelligence to be undertaken in each appointment. It is an efficient tool for any type of business or profession, including:

Appointment Setters generate qualified appointments based on the assigned parameters, and create point to point route maps, designed for each appointment, with perfect ease. The appointment setting call center enables the sales representatives, to have sales calls, with highly qualified prospects of closing sales leads. The likelihood of closing a sale, increases if the consultations, provided to the prospect is on time, over the phone. Appointment setting requires good communication skills and the tact of the professionals, to skillfully ask, for an appointment.

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