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Millions are blogging in different categories such as Personal, Family, Business and Community blogs and on specific topic such as web design, technology and sports blogs etc.

Strengths and Technology focused blogs and websites

Blogging software available with specific requirements, Mainly there are two types of blogging software 1) free hosted 2) third-Party Host Required. We can host blog software such as Wordpress, Vbulletin, Joomla blog module(Lifetype, Smart blog, My blog, Jaggy blog), Typo3 blog extensons(T3blog, TT_News) using third party paid hosting service. We can integrate blog module with existing site or with new site. This is best option for advance customization.

Free hosted software such as Google’s Blogger,, TypePad, Moveable Type, LiveJournal, MySpace and Xanga. (put icons). Free hosted software have some limitation such as

All blog software has basic required features such as:


This is PHP based free blog software, have all great features for blog management. Worldpress have many free plug-in available to add advance functionality.


Vbullentin is paid PHP based blog software, have good access level privileges such as Granular Privileges, SSL Compatible, Captcha, Email Verification and personal Vbulletin API key to prevent scam.

Joomla blog modules

Joomla have following free blog module. All are easy to integrate and customizable.

Typo3 blog extensions

Typo3 have following free blog extensions. All are easy to integrate and customizable.

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