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We help our customers achieve critical business goals with lesser efforts. They receive predictable results in specific operational activities and business process improvement overall:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Have better control
  • Drive workflows
  • Eliminate errors
  • Easily spot problems
  • Re-use experience
  • Reduce delays
  • Optimize process
  • Transfer knowledge

What Makes Q2 Capable to Deliver BPA

We realize that business process automation is always a challenging task. Tackling it requires the vendor to possess a comprehensive combination of technology skills and relevant horizontal and vertical expertise. Our BPA approach combines a number of vital components that provide a solid foundation to successfully accomplishing an automation project.

Horizontal Expertise

Q2 expertise covers all the main domains allowing us to support business processes across the entire enterprise.

Vertical Expertise

Since 2005 Q2 has been delivering advanced solutions for companies and enterprises worldwide. Focusing on long term partnership our project teams accumulated business knowledge in a number of industries including Oil& Gas, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Telecom, Automotive, Healthcare, Education and many others.

Technology Competency

Q2 has solid skills in a wide range of technology platforms, development frameworks and customizable software products, which makes us capable to execute technologically complex projects. The core of Q2’s technology competency is its .NET, Java, PHP and RoR pool. In addition, Q2 is experienced in a variety of platforms and products proven to be reliable tools for business automation:

Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is what actually connects all the components together, launches and drives a BPA project. Q2 project team always contains competent business analysts responsible for revealing business needs, requirements management and business process modeling. To design consistent and transparent models we utilize:

Business Process Automation Services

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Long Term Partnership

A long way starts with the first step. This is very true in BPA where to deliver a solution that adds real value lots of factors must be taken into account. Q2 is focused on long-term partnership providing careful step-by-step project execution with clear deliverables at each phase, full cycle implementation, admin and user trainings and continuous support, maintenance and improvement of the solutions created.

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