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In this highly competitive market place, no company can afford to miss a business opportunity. Employing an outsourced call center such as Q2 serves, will increase your professionalism and consistency of service to important clients and valuable contacts. Additionally, using an outsourced call center offers you the support and vital reassurance that you will never miss a message or business opportunity again.

An outsourced call center such as Q2 serves, works by answering every incoming call your company receives or those you simply cannot manage. A friendly, experienced and professional call operator will then direct the call to the relevant person within your company or take a message and email it directly to the intended recipient.

Q2 serves will respond to calls based on your company’s specific requirements and will terminate any calls from callers who you do not want to talk to professionally and sensitively. This ensures that your time is spent on more pressing business activities rather than answering and directing calls, enabling higher client retention as well as opening up more opportunities and attracting new clients.

Call center outsourcing is beneficial to those seeking an emergency 24/7 response line for last minute call outs from clients or those made in unsociable hours. The advantage of using an outsourced call center for these calls is that your company builds on its reputable brand and becomes known for its impressive customer care and immediate responses.

Q2 serves can also make outgoing calls to your client list should you decide to conduct surveys or questionnaires as part of your marketing activity and as an outsourced call center company, Q2 serves will also be able to interpret any international callers if the requirement arises. This once again provides greater customer satisfaction, consistency and a valuable company image, which are all vital traits to any successful company.

Q2 serves around the clock operation makes them ideal for those wanting a dedicated and trustworthy disaster recovery system. In case of an emergency or system failure, Q2 serves can seamlessly manage your communications to ensure you never miss a call, even in the most difficult of situations.

Q 2 Serves Call center Services includes:

Q2 serves provides companies with outsourced call center services. We focus heavily on using the right people to the highest standard to represent your businesses calls and back office needs.

Core services we offer:

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