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Our Cold Calling Services

Cold calling is proven to be the most effective way to obtain new clients and increase your business. Our appointment setting & cold calling services can help you in developing your pipeline of opportunities, expanding your market share and increasing your bottom line revenue. Businesses can guarantee their continued success by constantly prospecting for new opportunities.?? Cold calling requires excellent communication skills, persistence, and “thick skin”. We excel in the art of providing cold calling services and have over 50,000 hours of experience and demonstrated success in doing so. We use practiced and established cold calling techniques that are extremely successful in getting through the “gatekeeper”, engaging the decision maker on the phone; and generating a lead, phone consultation, or face to face appointment. We take the time to become thoroughly trained on your individual telesales campaign. We continually monitor our staff to guarantee that the same consistent professional message is being delivered on every call. We cover many areas through our cold calling services from insurance cold calling to real estate cold calling to cold calling telemarketing. Our cold calling services can help you with the following:

Five things we don't adapt while doing cold calling and why?

When done correctly, with good research, scripts, presentation and delivery, cold calls will initiate opportunities which result in business even when times are difficult.

Our cold calling services enable our clients and their salespeople to focus on their core business – making the sale.

If you want to increase your customer base, our cold calling services can quickly make this happen; generating qualified leads, phone consultations, and face to face appointments.

Cold Calling Services

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How, we are different from other BPO companies in the industry?

Convincing sales scripts

Most people receiving a sales call absolutely loathe hearing artificial sales scripts. At Q2 the cold-calling professionals are well-trained and competent in writing scripts and editing them as and when the need arises. We edit the calling scripts to suit every customer as each one has specialized needs and preferences.

Experienced sales professionals

Not everyone is born a salesperson. Like every skill, the more cold calling sales one does, the better one gets. This is partly true of our cold calling agents. They not only have experience but are also tenacious and effective lead generators. There are bold and efficient in gaining access to prospective individuals /companies.

Effective services

When we do a cold calling business or cold call selling, we make sure the prospect hears about your product or policy in detail along with the features in the shortest time possible, which helps them realize they actually need your solution.

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