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Consumer data cleansing

Data cleansing (also known as “data cleaning”) should be an integral procedure within any organisation that holds consumer data. Q2's data cleansing services allows you to maintain the highest data quality by data analysis, data audit, de-duping, data scrubbing againts TPS, data suppression and appending key personal details.

Data Cleansing and Database Management

Data cleansing and Database management are at the heart of all campaigns. 10% of all data stored in a database is out of date every month. Our data cleansing package is the most effective was of arming your sales team with current and qualified information. Using your existing data or by purchasing in new bulk data we will grow your database. This is the first step in providing sales leads. The second stage is to work these accounts with specialist staff calling each account and validating not only the contact information but verifying whether a need exists for your service. These are then qualified prospects. This can be handed back to you at this stage or pushed on to the next level.

Lead Generation

Our key sales team will call these prospects creating a lead generation pipe line. Getting appointments for your sales staff to meet with these clients that have been identified as having a need for you service. Only quality leads will be supplied and appointments made with the right person, at their request, for you to present your product or service.

The processes themselves are quite straight forward but where many marketing companies fail is that they do not dedicate the time or resource to each client, the other down fall is that the prospect clients put forward are not really qualified leads. This is not the way we work.

How can data cleaning benefit my business?

You may ask yourself, "why should I use data cleaning?". The answer is simple. Cleaning data can provide the lifeblood of your business. Clean, accurate customer and prospect data is the prerequisite to any sales, marketing and customer management strategy and can deliver a range of benefits for businesses:

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The Difference

We are a small company made up of marketing and sales professionals, which make us rather unique. Our dedicated team is highly skilled, that’s what sets us apart from other marketing companies. Each person within our company has individual experience of working across a huge range of projects, large and small in both private and public sector. This creates major strength in gaining new business and creating marketing plans that generate results and fit the client’s needs and budget.

We guarantee our call volumes and have a very open approach with our clients. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure they succeed in their sales goals and with their growth plans. Our own growth plan is based on our customers renewing their campaigns with us time and time again. Strong working relationships and results are the corner stone of our growth.

Contact our sales team with your data cleansing requirements. Call us, E-mail us at or fillup our Request for proposal form, we will get back to you with full details of quote.