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Data are available in various formats and versions so converting them as per the needs are very essential for an organization to run effectively. The information is very vital and converting them to proper and appropriate technology is very important as several new technologies are now developing to improve the facilities. The data should be very reliable and accessible and should be compatible with all the latest technology.

Q2 serves is capable of handling all kinds of data format's and converting them to appropriate technology as per your requirements.

Why you should hire us?

Q2 serves is an experienced, professional administrative back office services company located in Gurgaon, India. We are the preeminent supplier of offshore back office services including offline and online data entry, data capture, data processing, image scanning, OCR and indexing, forms processing, web & internet research, accounting and bookkeeping services. We provide customers the service of handling any type of complex, time-critical and cost sensitive projects.

Q2 serves have good experienced professionals and all types of technology that makes the conversion of any digital data like newspaper, books, journals, variety of forms and other documents from print, electronic images etc.

We have more than seven years of global experience and we are prepared to take on any project, no matter how complex or simple. Our mission is to provide the best back offices solutions available in the market today. We approach every project and every client with dedicated attention, and we carefully analyze the needs of the client organization and provide a solution that is designed to meet client expectations and requirements in a timely, affordable fashion. You will not find another service provider that is more flexible or responsive! Our services are efficient and accurate and our team is professional and dedicated to achieving the best results.

Our services includes:

Q2 serves offers you the following benefits:

We are here to provide you with the ultimate solutions for all your business needs. Apart from data conversion services, we can also facilitate you with services like OCR / ICR and Web Data Extraction / Capture.

Our Commitment

A systematic, periodical distribution and management often results in the generation of more benefits. Data Conversion Outsourcing to India provides ready solutions in other arenas of business including image scanning, indexing and data processing.

Irrespective of big or small clients, we always aim to provide every project within the stipulated time limits. We undertake each of our projects with equal seriousness and try to meet the all the clients demands. By increasing our working hours and the required workforce, we always try to reach our goal, which in turn helps us to deliver the project on time. Believing in the policy of 24/7/365, our customer’s needs and satisfaction are our only priority.

The leading technologies and well trained professionals lend their hands to convert the unstructured data into useful digital formats as MS word, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML and many more.

Q2 serves is here to convert your large paper documents into easy compact and portable PDF format within a short period of time.

Contact our team with complete set of information regarding your conversion requirements and we will help convert all files with maximum accuracy and efficiency, while maintaining a very affordable budget. Call us, E-mail us at or fillup our Request for proposal form, we will get back you with full details of quote and turn around time.

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