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Our in-house technical development team is skilled in data management, system implementation, multi-channel connectivity and support, providing clients with a 'one-stop-shop' service from concept to delivery.

A complete solution for business and IT collaboration

Q2 serves provides a unified solution for both business and IT users to plan, implement and monitor business-critical information. It helps organizations establish and maintain a single, consistent set of data policies and processes for all corporate data. This enables organizations to more effectively establish and enforce uniform standards for enterprise data – a critical component for data governance, master data management (MDM) and other enterprise data management initiatives.

By delivering a single, accurate and consistent view, through a user-friendly process and technology framework, the Data Management Platform lets you:

Data Management Tools

We use internally developed data management tools that have been refined over many years. New technologies are researched and deployed where they bring business benefit and all of our solutions encompass our proprietary Business Rules Engine.

Q2’s approach is described through our ‘data-vision’, a programme of embedded security, validation, verification and cleansing that is applied to all of our solutions and utilities. The Q2 ‘data-vision’ has been developed through our extensive experience of providing operational, data warehouse and associated solutions for a variety of clients.

Data is hosted and maintained in data warehouses with custom-built access routines that ensure security, integrity and quality. Q2's business analysts manage the data and explore data potential using a variety of tools. We perform data segmentation, profiling and online analytical processing to provide actionable Customer Insight for effective direct marketing.

How we are different from other companies in the industry ?

By outsourcing your database management work to Q2, you can be confident that the database is being managed effectively; the quality of the data is being maintained; the data remains secure and is used only for permission based marketing - communicating to customers on their terms through the right channels.

Q2’s Data Management solutions includes:

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Data Management Services

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