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What role does an e-mail support service play in my company? E-mail has now become, a primary means of data transmission and customer relationship management. Owing to this factor, many companies are now outsourcing, their e-mail support requirements. Low cost, non intrusive and any time-anywhere access, are some of the main advantages, of e-mail based communication. An efficient e-mail response service is crucial for every company, as it contributes to the brand building and growth process of the company.

How email-support will work?

A knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers, will be created in collaboration with our clients' needs and requirements. The knowledge bases are continually updated and improved, based on our agent's interactions with customers. Realizing that there are few quick fix solutions, our agents are thoroughly trained and familiarized with the client's processes, products and services. The online knowledge base can also be used, in order to provide immediate personalized responses to all the customer queries.

What services can I expect from Q 2 Serves?

Our email services are comprehensive and include.

The Technology

We at Q2 Serves provide a very reliable and flexible system that responds promptly to the customer queries. Combined activities like direct mailing and call center follow-up together, can more then double your normal response rates. To increase the efficiency levels, these activities should be well focused and should involve timely use of telephone, as a means to lift overall direct mail response. Direct mail campaign is a resource intensive business, if all the essential elements for success are carried out properly. Outbound call centers, execute and follow-up every aspect of your direct mailings, by providing specialized services. The Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) communicate directly with the customers, dealers, distributors and business partners with a customized campaign. If direct mail is used to generate leads, then Direct Mail Follow-Up can considerably increase quantity and quality of the produced leads.

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