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We offer help desk services for both Enterprise businesses and small-medium businesses(SMB) that will:

Unlike many of today's top-ranked help desk outsource vendors, who use a one-size-fits-all approach, and have been inconsistent in reaching their contract goals, our relationship management guarantees a flexible contract and help desk service level management that exceeds today's best industry practices.

Our Support Services divides into three tiers (or levels):

Enterprise Help Desk Service Overview

Hardware Diagnosis: Our front-line hardware diagnosis and escalation services can include:

Network Support: We can provide you with desktop related network support issues and user administration.

Customized Greetings: Let us become a seamless extension of your IT department with a dedicated and personalized greeting. Your options include:

Internet Call Tracking Access: Using our state-of-the-art help desk software and Web interface, we are able to offer you Internet access to your call status. You can:

Remote Control Assistance: There's nothing more satisfying to a caller than quick, efficient resolution of their problem by a friendly help desk agent. Our remote control software assistance provides you with:

Proprietary Application Support: We can provide you with proprietary application support using one of the following three approaches:

Customer Satisfaction Survey: We can send out an automated email each month asking the caller to complete an independent survey based on five questions. Survey results are tabulated and reported on each month.

Foreign Language Support: Q2 serves can help you with your foreign language requirements at the help desk. Depending upon the call volume, language required, and hours of coverage required, Q2 serves will either staff foreign language agents to support you or utilize the resources of a language line Over-The-Phone Interpretation (OPI) service. Either way, your employees or customers will be handled with care and efficiency.

SMB Help Desk Service Overview

Our SMB Help Desk Services have been specifically designed to help your small and medium sized business provide first-class help desk services to your employees and/or customers at a small business price. We have taken our Enterprise help desk services and simplified them into packaged services called Express Support to meet your small-medium business needs. These packages range from 50 incidents per month to as many as 500 incidents per month.

Expertise of Staff: The team at Q2 serves handles calls from multiple SMB customers on the same software and systems every day. For instance, Q2 serves might get a call on the same Outlook question from four different customers; whereas, your help desk might only get that type of call once every other day. This type of repetition coupled with our staff's level of training creates a level of expertise that is not normally found on an internal corporate help desk never mind a small business help desk.

Leveraged Resources: Investing in a call tracking or phone ACD system, you don't get the benefit of leveraging that cost over multiple customers. We do. When you hire additional staff for current or extended hours and the call volume does not utilize them fully, you have no other call volume to give them, but you still pay their salary and benefits. We leverage staff over multiple SMB customers to fulfill that utilization rate.

Improved Service Levels: Q2 serves uses predictable, repeatable processes to deliver consistency that guarantees quality service to your callers. Since these processes are distinct and succinct, they facilitate one call resolutions. In other words, callers aren't bounced around, resulting in quicker resolution times and higher caller satisfaction.

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