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Q2 Serves is a India based inbound call center specialist who provide bespoke call handling / management solutions to SME and Corporate business Worldwide. Whether your organisation requires a full call handling solution or additional support during peak periods, Q2 serves can offer a bespoke solution to ensure that your customers have the best possible customer experience.

Q 2 Serves Inbound Call Centre Services, is the way where you can keep your business on the go, even when are not available, to serve your customers. Our Inbound Customer Service Agents will answer the calls, on your behalf. Q2 Serves Outstanding Inbound Call Center Services is proved to be effective as compared to the other Inbound Call Centres around the globe. Offshore Inbound Call center representatives, handle your calls efficiently, and according to the way you want them to. You will get time to establish new customers on the board and we will relieve you from making any "Extra Efforts" to retain your current customer base and hence you can concentrate on your core business developments, rather than satisfying your present patrons of business.

Outsourcing your Call center needs and letting us handle your customer will lead to higher levels of satisfaction for your customer in turn yielding productive benefits for your business. Whether you want us to answer 100 calls or 10,000 calls, our Inbound Call Centre Services, is always competitive and it eventually proves to be, a professional extension of your business.

Here are some examples of the Customer Support Call Centre Services that we offer:-

Outsourcing your customer services strategy and requirements benefits your business by transferring key functions to an efficient, reliable and cost-effective resource allowing you to concentrate on your bottom line.

Q2 Serves will -

To know how Q2 Serves Inbound call center services could be beneficial to your organisation, please speak to one of our business development managers on phone, email us at or Fill up our Request for proposal form, we will get back to you in no time.

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