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Our Methodology of providing IT Outsourcing and support services

For many businesses, the only time IT is discussed at Board level is when there is a problem. Outsourcing your IT to Q2 serves allows you to take a strategic approach to IT, ensuring your technology is not an impediment to growing your business, but an enabler.

Outsourcing IT is not about spending more money. We are able to show all our clients substantial returns on investment from early on in our relationship. And with our hosted solutions, capital costs can be kept to a minimum through clear monthly payments, while providing you with access to the latest technology and applications.

How Q2 Serves is different from other companies?

At Q2 serves, we recognise that a modern IT Support department must contain multiple skill sets. From acting as a Director, setting budgets and strategy, through to providing first line user support upgrading applications, changing user profiles and ensuring effective data backup.

For a small IT team, this presents a unique set of challenges. Q2 serves works with existing IT Support departments within companies to supplement the skills that are available and ensure that our common goal, to have technology that meets the business objectives of the company, are met in a cost effective and efficient manner.

There are times when your business requires IT expertise for a short term project. This could be an office relocation, a systems implementation or simply an audit of your current IT infrastructure.

Why you should hire us for your IT Support Services requirements?

Q2 serves can work with companies on a project by project basis to meet the needs of the business. We have a dedicated and experienced projects team to fulfil these requirements and have rigorously tested methodologies and processes to ensure we deliver within budget and on time.

Although based in India, we operate throughout the UK and Europe.

Contact Q2 Serves today to discuss your IT outsourcing requirements and see how we can deliver value to your organisation. Call us, Email us at or fillup our Request for proposal form, we will get back to you with full details of quote.

IT outsourcing and support services

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