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Legal transcription is provided for Solicitors, Lawyers, Police, Court Proceedings, Judges, Court Clerks and Attorneys. Our transcriptionists have experience in a vast range of legal areas including Matrimonial, Commercial and Domestic Conveyancing, Litigation, Children/Local Authority, Medical Negligence/Personal Injury, Social Housing, Immigration, Tax & Trust and Probate, Parliamentary, Debt Collection, Local Government.

We can transcribe PACE tapes (Police and Criminal Evidence). These tapes are usually recorded in a police station and have a computerised voice in the background time coding. When transcribing, this voice can be distracting and our specialist machines have the ability to eliminate the voice. If clients require the time code in the transcript we will go through the transcript a second time and enter the time codes accordingly.

On Demand and Cost Effective

The responsiveness, reliability and flexibility of Q2 serves has helped to make it one of the fastest growing companies in its market. It provides an invaluable, cost effective outsourced transcription service across the legal spectrum, not only for lawyers, but also for others in the legal field, such as barristers’ chambers, the police, the Probation Service, the Crown Prosecution Service and expert witnesses such as Psychologists, Independent Social Workers, etc. Whether you are a sole practitioner, a small, medium or large firm, Q2 serves can help - the service is available on demand and comes at a fraction of the cost of secretarial staff.

We have complete confidence in our teams, who have experience in a variety of legal arenas, including Court Proceedings transcription, Trials transcription, Wire Tap transcription, Legal letter transcription, Verbatim transcription, General Correspondence transcription, scoping services, Proof reading services, Legal Pleadings, Reports, Briefs, Court transcripts, Court proceedings, and Client letters and so on. We offer transcribed data in Word, WordPerfect and other formats as you may require. We can also provide this service for all kinds of law including but not limited to real estate, criminal, family, personal injury, and business, corporate, family, Patents, Trial law and so on. You can pre-define the format that you require by giving us all the customization details including needed time stamps and so on and we will produce the document to your satisfaction.

Q 2 Serves Legal transcription Outsourcing Advantage

Our legal transcription unit is backed by a strong workforce comprising more than 150 transcriptionists working 24/7, 365 days. Other worth mentioning features of the unit are training centers, document flow management system, three levels of quality control, round-the-clock customer service.

Most sophisticated facilities like toll free dictation server, digital recorder service, and computer dictation software are employed for outsourcing legal transcription services. Delivery of transcript files are mostly browser based, and sometimes it is done through secure e-mail systems or FTPs. All these ensure efficiency and 99% accuracy while outsourcing legal transcription work. Customized services are also a feature with us.

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