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As an answer to such difficult situation Q 2 Serves offers order taking call center services. Enhanced inbound call center services by providing quality order taking services is our goal. Q 2 Serves’s order taking call center representatives are focused on providing 100% client satisfaction. Our live order taking call center service works with Real time web system which will be linked directly with your company website or with your email. Q 2 Serves`s representatives will convert your inbound calls in to sales and enter the order in our Real time online system which will be you can view through your own login or we can send the information in real time on the email you specify or using our online CRM.

Why Outsource Inbound Order Taking Services to Q 2 Serves ?

Q 2 Serves`s Live order taking call center services have one more advantages over automated systems. The strength to validate customer data over the phone is very vital when it comes to collection of financial information. Customers would always prefer to speak with a live representative and give thier order instead of speaking with an automated machine. To hang up on the machine is more frequently noticed rather than hanging up on the representative. Even if customer hangs up our tele representativces can call them back and try to convince them to buy our product or services.

Using our Inbound Order taking services to supplement your inhouse staff or even as your only order taking strategy can have a significant impact on your cost and increase in your sales figures. When your infomercial is launched or a customer visits your website who wants to purchase your product,making a call is often the customer's first option for contacting you in order to place or inquire about your products your services. Our friendly Inbound Order Taking representatives will speak to your customers and satisfy them with their queries. This aspect is very important if your product or services are complicated or the customer wants more information or clarification about the product before they purchase them. Our Call center order taking representatives will always pick up all your calls with smile on their face.

Order Taking Call Center Services

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