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We train our Telemarketing Agents with state of the art Interactive Training Programs developed by International Telemarketing experts, thereby allowing each staff member to benefit from hands-on training prior to dealing with live calls. When it comes to Telemarketing Services our team is made up of Telemarketing/Telesales experts.

Q 2 Serves firmly believes in the importance of training, learning and creating high benchmarks of achievements attained through determining, outstanding standards of calling. Training inputs are imparted to every call center agent on an ongoing basis to maintain enhanced performance levels and individual growth. Since learning and development is a continuous process, special attention is paid to the requirements of the candidates in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude. The following programs and workshop are mandatory for all the Associates of our call center:

Training is a continuous process that begins with fundamentals and philosophies and expands with e-commerce, customer services & e-business solutions. Through product knowledge and Internet marketing research we train our call center staff in order to get the best results. High Emphasis is payed on product knowledge and role-playing. We encourage our clients to be involved in the training process, as they can be instrumental in sharing background and real life experiences.

Our Quality

At Q 2 Serves, Quality is of prime importance .We believe in sustaining the quality of the services rendered by us, as quality is the crucial factor, concerning the growth and success of the business. We have a process in which every call, and the conversations taking place between the representative and valued customers, is monitored. Our quest for delivering quality services, is not just limited to contact center operations, but also in all the other outsourcing services provided by us. These services don't just satisfy but far exceed the expectations of our clients.

The Quality Assurance team keeps a close eye on every agent and their incentives depend largely on the basis of their monitored performance. Frequent evaluation of reports for every agent is carried out to judge their conformity with the script, product and the service-specific information.

Whispered Assistance

Supervisors provide whispered coaching to on-line agents. It provides an immediate solution when our agents are online with the customers. Moreover, test calls by prospective / existing clients are also readily welcome at all times.

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