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We adopt a complete BPO process migration and transition management operation which consists of the following activities:

In these stages, Client first develop and implement a comprehensive process, technology and knowledge management architecture within a company.

Q2 Serves comprehensive Call Centre analysis & assessment focuses on six key areas:

Business Rules and Strategy

Q2 Serves experts analyze, define, and implement the business rules and strategies that will govern your business. We approach the analysis process not only in regards to the internal operations of your company, but also with an eye to your market placement and specific demands of your industry.

Q2 Serves team will provide you with a set of processes, procedures, and strategies that will enable you to maximize the business potential of your company.

People / HR

In a Call Center, where all transactions are customer-based, the Human factor is the most critical factor. In order to ensure an efficient, optimal Call Center operations, the people in it must be chosen, trained, and managed carefully and professionally.


Call center facilities have a critical impact on its operation, efficiency and profitability. The structure, configuration, and systems in our call center provides an optimal working environment.


Call Centres can range from relatively simply to highly complex technological environments. These comprehensive systems are comprised of numerous sub-systems that must all be adapted to the specific needs of the organization.

Q2 Serves team will determine the technological requirements as per your business, select the appropriate tools and systems, and integrate them into our Call Centre operations to maximize your profits.

Process and Procedures

Processes & Procedures cover the effective operation of the organization, and provide standardized rules and regulations for optimal Call Centre operations.

Q2 Serves team will use the most effective, cost-effective, and productive policies for optimal operations in our Call Centre to meet your business targets.


A variety of tools and methods, involving both passive and interactive feedback, to insure that you are constantly informed regarding the performance of our call center agents working for your programm:

Q2 Serves team will provide you with tools, systems, and methodologies that will enable you to monitor our call Centre operations, insure ongoing optimal status, and implement performance enhancement procedures.

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