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Organic Search Engine Optimisation

We offer complete SEO solutions. Our organic SEO services are preceded by a free, yet vital, scoping exercise including a review of your website, your business and your online competition. This not only ensures we understand your website’s strengths and weaknesses from a search engine point of view but also that we understand what makes your business tick. We carry out this scoping exercise to ensure that our services will be a good investment for you. If we can’t see how we can help you make more money, we will not accept your order and will be happy to explain our reasoning. Subject to a successful scoping exercise, we will provide comprehensive recommendations for improving your website’s performance.

We believe every client has unique requirements and therefore approach every project with an open mind about what is required. For that reason, our service for you will be built for you. From scratch. Anything else would be like prescribing the medicine before meeting the patient.

Our White Hat Organic SEO Services

Our organic SEO services are “white hat SEO services” which means that we use techniques encouraged by the search engines and do not engage in practices that could result in your website being banned from the search engine results.

The complexities of search engine marketing can sometimes make it difficult “to see the wood for the trees” but supporting every successful organic SEO campaign are the following four cornerstones of effective SEO.

Our organic SEO services include comprehensive advice about, and hands-on assistance with, all of these elements.

Core SEO Services

Our services include, but are not limited to the following. These are just a few basics.

Website review - An in depth review of your website, from an SEO perspective, including content strategy (embracing indexation checks, content organisation, keyword usage etc.), internal linking structure, meta data, navigation etc.

Review of any existing analytics data - A review of any existing visitor and keyword data may provide some invaluable clues about rankings you did not know you had and keywords which may already be half way to generating valuable leads.

Keyword research - Keywords are at the root of SEO and the keyword targets chosen form the direction of all subsequent work so it is really important to commit as much time as is required to get it right. We use online tools, analysis of your content, that of your competitors and plenty of nous, to compile an extensive keyword list which is then pruned down to a set of core keyword targets which are then proposed and agreed with you. They will be the most relevant, targeted, highest traffic potential keywords for which your site has a realistic chance of competing for a page 1 position, in the short, medium or long term.

Competition analysis - Competition here means competition not just in the usual sense but also, more specifically, the websites that are appearing on page 1 for your keywords. A review of those websites will reveal if they can be beaten for your target keywords and also how they can be beaten.

HTML meta tags - Ensuring all required meta tags are present, compliant and optimised for search.

Organic content strategy - Optimisation of existing content or creation of new content for publication on your website or on third party websites to generate direct traffic and links to improve rankings.

Link building - Link building is perhaps the hardest and most time consuming of all aspects of organic SEO work and this is where an organic SEO specialist can come into his own. A link from another site to your site acts like a vote for your site in Google’s eyes. The more links you have, the more authoritative your site becomes and the higher your site will rank – all other things being equal. However, all other things are far from equal. One link from the home page of a high authority, topically-related site might have more impact on your rankings than 1,000 low grade links. Enough of the wrong kind of links and you may even be worse off than if you had none. Setting targets based on numbers of links, as an isolated measure, is a flawed strategy. You can buy 1,000 links for £50 but it may provide no value and resources may be better applied to spending 2 or 3 days acquiring one high quality link. Quality and relevance is the name of the SEO link building game and this is where your organic SEO services provider can use their skill and ingenuity to provide the service that is in your best long term interest. There are plenty of risky get-rich-quick link schemes to tempt you but, remember, “if it looks too good to be true, it usually is”. We do not participate in link farms or link networks and do not use any directory submission software or automated social bookmarking software. Just perseverance and lots of hard work.

Traffic analysis - Set up of Google Analytics to determine who, where, when and how your visitors found you and to yield some invaluable clues as to how to fine tune your organic SEO campaign and maximise conversions.

Rankings - You need to know whether your SEO services are providing value for money and amongst the most important performance measurements are your keyword rankings. Having agreed the core keyword targets with you, we will provide a report at the outset of the rankings for those keywords and also share with you any other rankings we may have recorded in the course of our keyword research. We will provide updated ranking reports at least quarterly and usually monthly.

Progress reports and reviews - We will keep you informed by sending regular monthly email updates about various aspects of progress and will attend progress review meetings in person, if requested, on a quarterly basis. Meetings may be held more frequently if agreed by both parties.

Our Pricing

We charge a fixed flat monthly rate dependent on our assessment of the complexity of the project and an estimate of the number of days we consider your campaign will require each month. That time will typically be broken down between keyword and market research, onsite SEO (tuning your website), offsite SEO (promoting your website) including link building, monitoring, reporting, consultancy, advice, emails, telephone calls and review meetings.

Service Contracts

It is important to understand that organic SEO will rarely pay off if maintained only for a few months and it should be viewed as an ongoing activity. SEO work takes time to research, discuss, implement and review. Time spent on the task, time taken for the search engines to index changes, time for periodic ranking updates to take place and most of all, time for link building. If you need to generate leads fast, then our PPC marketing may be a better option. Whilst you should set your expectation for an SEO campaign lasting a minimum of 6 months, we recognise that you may perceive a risk in making a long term contractual commitment. For that reason, we do not ask for a contractual commitment with any minimum term and, whilst we doubt you will want to, you can therefore terminate the contract, at any time, and for whatever reason, without notice. In the event you do, a part month charge may apply on a pro-rata basis to any work done in the final month.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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