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Lead Generation & Demand Generation

We promise to work alongside you and deliver measurable, results-based ROI to your lead generation and demand generation programs – so you can grow market share, launch new products and services and expand across markets.

Q2’s proposition is very simple. We know what it takes to accelerate sales cycle. It’s what we do. And we’ve been doing it successfully for our customers for many years.

Our services start with analysing your prospective buyers to help you map and execute a strategy as you engage with them throughout their complete buying journey - from discovery of their pains, leading them towards your solution and their ultimate selection of your products and services.

Telemarketing services that produce measurable results

Our results-led telemarketing approach focuses on quality lead and demand generation to produce measurable results from our telemarketing efforts. Our primary focus is to accelerate your sales and it's something we take incredibly seriously - everything we do is focused on achieving that goal, with proven lead generation tactics that produce significant and tangible results. We offer a comprehensive solution to ensure those results at every step of the way, from lead generation to sales close, offering high returns through our tailored and tightly integrated processes. It's no wonder we're trusted by technology companies across the globe - the results from our telemarketing services speak for themselves.

Our core services include:

Whether you want accurate database cleansing, responsive direct marketing, finely tuned customer loyalty surveys or customer satisfaction surveys … you can have complete peace of mind that your projects will be completed with the same care and attention to detail that you would apply yourself … and equally as important … you’ll enjoy responses that are consistently higher that the industry average.

Using highly effective database management and database marketing can make a dramatic difference to the bottom line profits of your organisation, there are numerous ways to approach and handle your project and by partnering with Q2 serves you’ll have a number of strategies available to you that are proven to be successful time after time, which will maximise the results of your outbound telemarketing for lead generation, market research, customer surveys or anything else that is mission critical.

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