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The Process of Telephone Answering Service

Well qualified team of professionals takes the messages on behalf of your company and provides the information quickly. We work 24/7/365 for answering calls and obtaining information from the callers. The received calls are processed by live operators who obtain the callers name, address if necessary, phone number and a brief message.

One Stop shop for your all telephone answering needs.

Our business is all about helping you manage, cover and attend to your business. We are committed to answering your phone calls with care, compassion, efficiency and professionalism. To some clients we are a remote reception desk, answering and routing incoming calls. Others see us as their outsourced call center, handling their customer support queries 24/7. Then there are companies who use us to manage their telephone ordering or brochure requests.

It doesn’t matter what volume of calls you receive, or your call pattern, we can provide a personal telephone answering services that is right for you. Using the latest telephony technology, we’ll answer every call personally and professionally in your company name, just as if we were based in your office. With our telephone answering services, we record every single call we take, to ensure total transparency.

For just a fraction of the price you might pay to hire a 9-to-5 receptionist to cover your phones, you can outsource your answering service needs to our virtual receptionist team and allow us to cover your calls every day, all day, all yearlong, including nights, weekends, holidays and even times of disaster such as hurricanes or blizzards. Some of our clients simply ask us to manage the overflow when their own staff is too busy, while others regard us as their 24-hour reception. We are also happy to provide short-term covers.

The flexibility of our telephone answering services is reflected in the flexibility of our pricing. We recognise that each Q2 serves customer has different requirements, so we will put together a bespoke telephone answering package based on the specific needs of your business, taking the time to design the most appropriate solutions and the most cost effective price plan.

Dedicated Customer Service with 24/7 live operator support

Our live-operator answering service is unmatched in the industry. From message and phone order taking to virtual receptionists and virtual office capability, Q2 does it all. Did you know that 81% of companies who deliver strong customer service outperform their competition? Rest assured that we unfailingly provide the highest quality of care to your customers. We know how important it is to keep out-of-pocket costs to a minimum, so we make our services affordable for any budget. We will work with you to create a plan that is tailored to fit the specifics of your establishment, and 24-hour care means that even if your doors are closed, your business is open. Explore the services we provide below.

There are so many different ways that companies use our 24/7 inbound services, it is impossible to list them all. Some popular examples include:

Our Aim

Our aim is to handle each and every call in a friendly, personable and professional manner, improving your business and overall customer satisfaction. We provide a personal touch that voicemail cannot achieve and our aim is answer all calls after single ring, ensuring all inbound calls are answered promptly with no opportunity for missed calls, which in turn should result in improved sales enquiries.

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Telephone Answering Services

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