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Specialize in Telephone Surveys

Telephone survey companies offer a variety of phone survey services — phone market research, customer survey services, and customer service satisfaction surveys. Q2's highly trained agents do surveys over the phone to determine a company's current market standing. Through a telephone survey, Q2 serves representatives interview the client's customers and ask them the right questions to provide the market information that applies to the client's business and/or industry. Our agents are trained to effectively collect as much valuable information as possible. Quality assurance analysts monitor all agents to ensure call quality. Our agents will follow a script which the client provides, or one which was created for the client by our sales and marketing experts. Additionally, the progress of the campaign may be viewed through Q2's proprietary OnlineCRM.

Our phone Interviewing Procedures and Facilities

High-quality data collection is critical to survey research. With this in mind, Q2 serves has designed a telephone interviewing facility that stresses the importance of highly-trained telephone interviewers who work under the close supervision of Q2 serves senior staff. To ensure that the data collected are of the highest quality, interviewers are trained according to the standards established by the Council of American Survey Research Organizations. The project supervisor conducts in-depth project briefings with the interviewing staff prior to their working on the project. Interviewers are instructed on survey goals and objectives, type of study, handling of survey questions, interview length, termination points and qualifiers for participation, reading of interviewer instructions, reading of the survey instrument, reviewing of skip patterns, and probing and clarifying techniques necessary for specific questions on the survey instrument. Methods of instruction include lecture, role-playing, and video training.

Supervision over the interviewing process is performed by the survey team managers through extensive interviewer training, monitoring, and interviewer review. The survey team managers randomly monitor telephone workstations without the interviewers' knowledge as to which interviews will be monitored. Random interviewer monitoring allows the survey team managers to maintain strict quality control over the data collection process. The survey team managers and statisticians edit each completed survey to check for clarity, understanding, completeness, and format.

Questionnaire Design & Pre-testing

Q2 serves assists in developing telephone survey questionnaires, providing guidance, expertise, and professional survey writing services throughout the survey instrument development process. Q2 serves designs the survey questionnaires collaboratively based on close consultation, discussions, and reviews with the client. Q2 serves conducts all phases of survey development based on client input and our past experience with similar studies.

After the design of the survey questionnaire, the survey instrument is pretested to check for proper wording, proper answer sets, and logistical clarity. Revisions are made after the pretest to the survey instrument before the actual implementation of the survey. Many research firms cut costs by failing to rigorously pretest their survey instruments, which results in poor data collection. Q2 serves always conducts full evaluative pretests of questionnaire survey instruments.

Telephone Surveys & Market Research

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Over 7 years of experience of market research

Q2 Serves has extensive experience in conducting surveys on quantitative and qualitative research methods. Q2 serves has conducted almost 500 quantitative and qualitative projects over the past 8 years. Clients include the federal natural resource and land management agencies, most state fish and wildlife agencies, tourism boards, Warranty cover selling companies as well as most of the major conservation and sportsmen's organizations. Q2 serves success in the quantitative research field, and in telephone surveying in particular, comes from our expertise and strong efforts in survey design, methodology, and survey implementation.

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