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Our Transcription Services includes:

Medical Transcription

Q 2 Serves is one of the premier transcription companies providing world class medical transcription service for over 50 medical specialties. The excellent quality and accuracy of our medical transcription services...more

Legal Transcription

Legal transcription outsourcing is a very specialized field which requires specialists in each industry for which the legal transcriptions are done. We understand that doing business today increasingly demands that you move with the times. Our legal transcription unit is backed by a strong workforce comprising transcriptionists working 24/7, 365 days...more

Voice Transcription

Q 2 Serves offers high quality and cost-effective voice transcription service which covers varying needs of General Business, Medical, legal, Universities, Entertainment and other industries. We use cutting edge technology to ensure consistently high quality conversion of your audio video to text output voice transcription...more

Business Transcription

Q 2 Serves Transcription Service offers quality and accurate business transcription services at affordable prices. Your transcription needs could include meetings transcriptions, conference transcriptions, speeches, one-on-one interviews transcriptions, board meetings transcriptions, etc. Get accurate transcription within the timeframe that best suits your business transcription needs...more

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We are proud to call upon our professional team of 25+ audio transcriptionists. They have the expertise to work 24/7/365 and taking care of large and small projects. That's why we can cater for global clients, working in different time zones. We're a team that never sleeps!

Feel free to contact us today. Call us, Reach us for business enquiries by filling out our Request for proposal form or email us at and we will take care of your trancription services requirements.