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At Q2 serves, we provide you with a "one-stop" shop service for ALL of your Virtual Assistance service requirements. Not only this, but the work we provide is of impeccable quality, at an affordable price and at an efficient speed. We recognise that your business is our business, and when we are working on your time, our virtual assistants are working in your company.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Why you should hire us?

If you can answer 'yes' to just one of the above questions, then you are losing money and you need the services of a Virtual Assistant! You may think that performing these duties yourself is helping your profitability but if you act as your own Assistant you are depriving your business and clients of your valuable expertise.

Benefits of Virtual Assistant

Who can benefit from using a Virtual Assistant?

Outsourcing/subcontracting work is not a new concept. In fact, many businesses outsource for at least some of their needs. For example, all businesses have legal needs but generally only large companies hire staff lawyers.

Many companies outsource cleaning, information technology, human resources and accounting services. They can get the highest quality of service from companies that perform these functions as their specialised core business, and usually for a lot less than hiring permanent, full or part-time employees for these tasks.

This practice makes good business sense because it allows you to focus on what you know best, your business. It allows you to pay for what you need and not pay for what you've got.

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