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In a truly client driven industry, success depends on a company's ability to deliver their clients 24/7/365 by satisfying them with their requirements. It may be a large Fortune 500 corporation or a small business, outsourcing their functions makes playing sense. It allows the playing to pore on its core competencies enabling it to manage growth and scale, and implementation models, reduces the cost and enables migration of prize-winning practices, technology and processes from the outsourced partner like Q 2 Serves.

We complement our strong global orientation with a thorough understanding of the Indian operating environment. Importantly, we enjoy an enviable employee satisfaction level.

We definitely believe that service delivery is more vital than customer acquisition.

Q 2 Serves assurance encompasses the following:

At Q 2 Serves we are passionate about solving our customers problems as soon as they happen. That's because we realize that for all our customers, time really is money. Ultimately, our CRM isn't a tool to service customers-it's a way to see the future. As the world becomes more interrelated, our CRM specialists and operations teams are mapping the future of customer needs and how to best address them.

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