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Web widgets and social network applications offer the most powerful way to create engaging connections with your target audiences on the Web and within social networking web sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and LinkedIn. What a widget does is take a regular website or desktop and turn it into something more exciting than before. Furthermore, users finding web widgets useful and will return to that widget again and again, which means that they will be more and more likely to transact with you for whatever product or service you are offering them.

Widget development and social network application development projects include:

Widget Platforms We work On:

  • Flash (Web-based)
  • MacOS X Widgets
  • Facebook API
  • Netvibes API
  • Google Desktop Gadgets
  • OpenSocial API
  • iGoogle Gadgets
  • Windows Vista Gadgets
  • iPhone Dashcode
  • Yahoo! Widgets

Desktop Widgets Development

Desktop widgets are small, interactive applications or tools, such as a video game, a calculator, a live sports updater, stock market quotes or a currency conversion calculator that run in tiny windows on the computer desktop to deliver extended desktop functionality or to extend an existing application. Most desktop widgets are built for a desktop platform and require that users first install the widget before it can be used. Desktop widget platforms include Yahoo! Widgets, MacOS X Widgets and Microsoft Vista Gadgets. Desktop widgets that are developed in HTML/Javascript, Flash and Flex can be installed on Windows and Mac OS X systems through Abobe AIR.

Web Widgets Benefits.

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